Company Profile

CV Kerinci Agro was establishing 2006 with main product Cassia Vera from Kerinci or know as “Cassia Vera Korintji”.  The owner is Hengki Anggo Putra and become third generation in Cassia supplier since 1958. Today CV Kerinci Agro is pioneer local company with aggressive expand market to Euro, Asia and USA.  We are the first local company for processing and exporter set-up in Kerinci (Jambi Provinces).

Mission and Value

The family company has been active in cassia raw material since 60 years, as farmers, collector and processing cassia.  “From farmers to farmers “ is our vision. Bring premium cassia from direct sources in Kerinci Region and bring the best quality cassia to our customers is our mission.

Sustainable Trade

In 2016, our company is running project Sustainable Trade in Cassia Vera with smallholders farmers in our region.  We bring add value cassia with next level by certification plantation cassia from Ecoccert SA and total amount less more 7000 tons/years for organic cassia. Bring profit to farmers and spirit to farmers to replanting cassia tree for their economic.